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The content of Platynum & EscortsBaires Group is qualified as "Adults Only" and you must be of legal age to access our sites (in some countries it is different). In the case of Argentina, it is 18 years old.

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Also in that link you can see that our Company and all the websites that we host comply with the requirements demanded by Law in relation to the Data Registration and the official logo shown is confirmation of it. (Law 25.326 of the Rep. Argentina)


Platynum & EscortsBaires Group does not have any contractual or dependency relationship with the published companions. They must come to our office voluntarily and independently to request its publication as such and fill out a signed form with their personal documents so that it remains as a record of their personal intention to offer their private services.

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If you are interested in knowing our advertising promotions, or want to contract advertising for a specific section of our site, contact your concerns to: ceo@platynum.info

Any concerns or doubts you may have, do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact addresses: ceo@platynum.info - General information, consultations.

Phones 4311-7714 y 4894-1474

Terms and Conditions

Platynum & EscortsBaires Group makes the presentation of escorts without intervening in the interviews that between them and the visitors come to agree.

- Everything that they talk between the parties is ABSOLUTELY PRIVATE AMONG THEM.

- All the escorts qualified in Platynum & EscortsBaires Group ARE OLDER THAN 18 YEARS old and are published only as a service that the same escort voluntarily decides.

- All contents included in Platynum & EscortsBaires Group are for exclusive use within the site and privately. Any other use or form of reproduction is expressly prohibited.